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extra bonus content to help you with your makeup career

  • Bonus material - Kit Building for Makeup Artists

    Not sure where to start with kit building, not to worry. With my helpful guide, you will save yourself a ton of money and lots of headaches. You do not need to spend thousands to start your makeup journey.

  • Bonus material - Marketing & Promoting your Freelance career

    This is another area where my course excels, I support and offer business advice to all who train with me. I find it is pointless doing a makeup course, if at the end you are wandering what do I do now. My aftercare is first class, you will never be without help on the makeup and business side.

  • X2 Hours a week of live one to one video mentoring and aftercare programme

    The training does not end after the practical work is done , I am here as your mentor to help you set up your first photo shoot, help with setting up your website and freelance business, as well as helping you to deal with your client base. The support is ongoing.

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Course curriculum

This course is suited for beginner makeup artists and existing makeup artists, who feels they need a re fresh in certain areas and to help confidence build. I teach artists all over the UK and worldwide. REVIEW - "First week of my makeup artist course with Sarah this week. what can i say?!!! it’s amazing! already learnt more in a couple of days than i did at college! Highly recommended! easy to follow and Sarah is always on hand to help with things i am unsure of. Also the most amazing make-up recommendations! Looking forward to getting through it all and practising all the new techniques!”

  • 01
    Welcome and contents
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  • 02
    Flawless Base & Glowing Skin Module
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  • 03
    Clean Beauty For Portfolio
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  • 04
    Fresh Dewy Editorial Skin
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  • 05
    Light Smoked Eyes including Individual Eyelash Application and Mascara Application
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    • SAMPLE - Light Smoked Eye Design
    • Module 2 - Light Smoked Eyes
    • Soft Hazey Smoked Eyes
    • Applying Individual Eyelashes
    • Extra content - Adding definition to the upper rim area
    • Applying Mascara PDF Module
  • 06
    Shading & Highlighting the Face
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  • 07
    Shaping & Filling the Eyebrows
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    • Eyebrow Shaping and Filling
  • 08
    Perfecting your Lip work
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    • Lipsticks and Perfecting your Lip Work
  • 09
    Mature Skin Module PDF
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    • Mature Skin
  • 10
    Strip Eyelashes PDF
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    • Strip Eyelash Application
  • 11
    Creative Techniques For Makeup Artists
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    • Creative Techniques for Makeup Artists
  • 12
    BONUS CONTENT - Cream Blusher for an Airbrushed Finish Video
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  • 13
    BONUS GUIDE - Foundation Advice
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    • Foundation Advice
  • 14
    BONUS GUIDE - Eye shadows to suit different eye colours
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    • Eyeshadows to suit different eye colours
  • 15
    BONUS GUIDE - Kit Building for Professional Makeup Artists
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  • 16
    BONUS GUIDE - Makeup Hygiene
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    • Makeup Hygiene
  • 17
    BONUS GUIDE - Skin Types & Caring for your Skin
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    • Skin Types & Caring For Your Skin
  • 18
    BONUS GUIDE - Essential Brushes for your Professional Kit
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    • BONUS GUIDE - Portfolio Building & Organising Photo Shoots
  • 19
    Show details
  • 20
    Checklist For Course
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    • Course Checklist
  • 21
    BONUS - Marketing & Promoting Your Freelance Career
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    • Marketing & Promoting Your Freelance Career

Certificate of Completion

Only once have my client's finished all modules in Freelance Makeup Artistry Course, to a very high standard, and passed the written tests, is a certificate of completion issued.
Certificate of Completion

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  • Pippa Hutchinson-Chan

    “This course is ideal for me. I can pay monthly and as the course content is realised in stages it gives me time to practice each module before the next is available. It doesn't feel overwhelming this way and this structure helps me focus on one th...”

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    “This course is ideal for me. I can pay monthly and as the course content is realised in stages it gives me time to practice each module before the next is available. It doesn't feel overwhelming this way and this structure helps me focus on one thing at a time. Sarah's instructions are concise and easy to follow. Product recommendations come with every stage which I love. I've only been signed up for a short time but I feel my artistry has benefited hugely already. Sarah is at hand to answer queries and to discuss anything I'm unsure of. I also like that she holds you accountable for practicing the methods/looks. This is something that makes her course unique and pushes me beyond my comfort zone and has boosted my confidence. It is such a pleasure to be able to learn from such a great makeup artist and a lovely teacher. I look forward to learning more from Sarah. ”

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  • siobhan cronin